Solutions To Problems With Bitlocker Windows 10

If you are having problems with Bitlocker Windows 10, this user guide can help.

The BitLocker Blue Screen is a common issue that can be caused by an outdated BIOS version. Update the BIOS and see if that fixes the issue. BitLocker doesn’t really ask for a password. If you’re having this problem, try accessing LegacyBoot and see if that solves your problem.

After Installing UEFI Or TPM Firmware Updates On Surface, BitLocker Prompts For A Password During Recovery

You have a Surface device that has BitLocker enabled on the reader. You are updating the device’s TPM firmware, or you are performing an update that only changes the system firmware. You may need to install the Surface TPM (IFX) update.

Can BitLocker cause issues?

The update will be released on January 12th to fix issues with Secure Boot DBX, but some users are again complaining that the patch itself triggers a BitLocker recovery. For people who only use BitLocker on one computer, this may not be a big deal, but finding administrators who take care of many related systems is a little more difficult.

Windows 10 BitLocker Password Prompt Screen Issue, How To Fix It?

BitLocker can be a great feature if you want to encrypt hard drive with Protect it, but sometimes you definitely run into problems. Speaking of issues, here are some common issues reported by PC users:

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bitlocker windows 10 issues

Security Update Triggers BitLocker Recovery Mode

Installing update KB4535680 on items with affected versions of Windows, but they are present may result in a BitLocker recovery key being requested after a reboot, as per a known issue recently confirmed by Microsoft.

Windows OS Update

Another common reason BitLocker is asking for a recovery key to stay around to Windows 10 is that you now have an outdated system. Therefore, it is very important inInstall the latest features from time to time to resolve this issue.

bitlocker windows 10 issues

There Are Several Ways To Obtain A BitLocker Recovery Key:

DriveStrike is a simple and effective device management solution that provides BitLocker levels and remote wipe, lock and location features to keep your devices and data safe. Contact us if you have any questions about protecting your cool gadgets with DriveStrike. Start your free test today to see if DriveStrike is the data protection your solution provider needs.

How To Turn Off BitLocker On Windows 10

If you don’t experience BitLocker and want to add more home protection on your computer, someone should do some research first. Despite many useful features, Microsoft Bitlocker has some disadvantages. Some users have reported encryption issues on some Windows 10 devices.

How do I fix BitLocker on Windows 10?

Windows will ask you for a password to recover your BitLocker data. However, you did not change the BitLocker recovery password.

How do I fix BitLocker?

However, certain Bitlocker BSoD fatal error appears during the boot process on Windows operating system and today we are going to show you how to fix this problem with the error message.

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