Apple Pencil Not Working

If you have a connected Apple Pencil that doesn’t work on your system, this guide should help.

If you find that all of your Apple Pencils are not working, it might be time to check your Bluetooth settings to make sure the Pencil is connected, and if not, connect it. Alternatively, you can unpair the Apple Pencil and then re-pair the concept with the iPad; Sometimes it helps to get rid of the strange connection and fix problems.

apple pencil connected not working

Why is my Apple Pencil not connecting?

Forget Apple Pencil

Forget Apple Pencil from Bluetooth Device Browser can also teach you how to troubleshoot issues that are likely to prevent your stylus from working properly. If you remove your Apple Pencil from your Bluetooth devices, you should be able to pair your Apple iPad with it again, which is like a fresh start. Any Internet connection problem can be solved this way.

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How To Fix An Apple Pencil That Is Connected To An IPad But Is Not Working Or Not Responding Properly

Here are a few solutions to fix the error with Apple Pencil on iPad. Follow each step one by one and check if the issue is resolved.

Confirm That Your Pen Is Compatible With Your IPad

Apple Pencil of the 1st and 2nd decades with different Apple iPad models. That’s why,if you try to use your new 2nd generation Apple Pencil with an iPad you previously made with a 1st generation Apple Pencil, it won’t work.

Disconnect But Reconnect Your Pencil

If other options don’t work, you can try disconnecting and then reconnecting your Apple Pencil to your iPad. How you assemble your Apple Pencil depends on whether you’re using a 1st generation pencil or a pencil.

How To Fix An Apple Pencil Not Working With These Easy Steps Rationale

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the Apple Pencil is a great tool that can make your iPad a lot better. If you’re used to using your Apple Pencil for just about everything and it suddenly stops working, you and your family can try getting it working again.

Check Apple Pencil Compatibility

So you don’t Bought more than one Apple Pencil and not responding to your iPad? You may have decided to purchase an Apple Pencil that is not compatible with any iPad. Apple Pencil Gen 2 is indeed incompatible, downside, and the first generation Apple Pencil is not supported when writing on later released devicesX. Here is a specific list of iPads that support both generations of the Apple Pencil.

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apple pencil connected not working

Replacing The Pen Nib

If none of the above solutions fix the issue for customers, chances are your pencil nib has run out and needs replacements. The nib can wear out with use, and you may need to replace a worn pencil nib to get your pencil working again.

What To Do If Your Apple Pencil Isn’t Working Well Good Good

The first step in troubleshooting an Apple Pencil is to make sure your Apple Pencil is charged. If it’s a charged battery, the features won’t work. Your iPad will tell you when your Apple Pencil will be charged extra. However, if you’re unsure, here’s how to tell if your Apple Pencil is charging. If your Apple Pencil is reasonably charged but still not working, or if it doesn’t charge when you move it, continue with the next steps. For more helpful tips on what to do if your device is malfunctioning, check out our free tip of the day.

Why Isn’t My Apple Pencil Working? Charging Problems

Your Apple Pencil may stop working due to the program running out of power. Luckily, this is very easy to think about – check out the Today view on your company iPad to see how much power your Apple Pencil would have left on a single charge.

Forget The Apple Pencil Because It’s A Bluetooth Device

When you pair your Apple Pencil and iPad, you get this information. Changing any part of the process will prevent the two devices from pairing. Try to see your Apple Pencil as a Bluetooth device and then reconnect it as a new device.

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Why does my Apple Pencil stop working?

How to quickly and easily fix common Apple Pencil problems?

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Why is my Apple Pen not working?

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